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Furniture Care

At Deuce's Furniture we want you to experience a personal connection with your new furniture. At Deuce's, we believe each piece is more than aesthetically pleasing. As the new owner of quality solid wood furniture, we feel it is our responsibility to educate you on how best to care for your furniture to ensure it will hold up through many generations.

Because we sells only skillfully handcrafted furniture, we require each artisan to strictly adhere to our high standards in the craftsmanship:

  • Use only quality hardwoods to ensure furniture is built to last a lifetime;

  • Use only custom finishes to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grains; and

  • Use only heavy duty solid metal hardware for added beauty, as well as durability to reduce clatter, rusting and breakage.

So that you can protect your handcrafted furniture investment, we offer the following care and cleaning tips:

  • Upon receiving your furniture be sure to promptly unwrap all the pieces. This will allow your new furniture to continue curing while adjusting to your home’s environment.

  • Temperature and Humidity - the ideal inside temperature of homefor wood furniture is 70 to 72 degrees. Keep the humidity levels within a 40 to 45 percent range to prevent warping and cracking. NOTE: If the relative humidity in your home exceeds 70 percent, furniture and finishes become vulnerable to cracking when the piece contracts due to sudden drops in the humidity.

  • Do not expose furniture to heat sources such as furnace vents,heaters, and fireplaces. Heat can cause your furniture to dry out and potentially crack over time.

  • Clean furniture with a mild soap and water using a soft, clean cloth, dusting with the grain.

  • If you prefer using a cleaner or polish, avoid products that contain silicone or wax; these will cause a build-up that might make it impossible for refinishing your piece in the future. Apply and buff polish along the natural grain.

  • Tables - We recommend using a tablecloth or placemats in the first couple weeks following delivery while table continues to cure and adjust to your home’s environment. If you purchased leaves with your table, store leaves in the same room as your table. Do not store leaves in an attic or basement where room temperatures may drastically vary. Use a leaf storage bag for optimal protection.For frequent entertaining or large gatherings, consider using a table pad to help prevent scratches and dents. If the table is often used without the matching leaves, we recommend using a tablecloth or other protective surface for daily use. Excessive rubbing and wiping can cause the sheens to vary between the table and leaves. NOTE: We do not recommend using glass to protect your tabletop. However, if you choose to, we recommend maintaining a gap between the glass and table top for airflow.

Tips for Every Day Care of Your Wood Furniture:

Your new handcrafted furniture is made with the highest quality materials. With proper every day care, not only will you maintain the overall integrity of the wood and finish, but each piece will naturally improve with age.

We recommend the following tips so that you get the most out of your handmade furniture:

  • Avoid putting rough or sharp items on your furniture which can scratch the surface.

  • Clean any spills immediately using a soft cloth or sponge.

  • Use scratch-resistant and moisture absorbent coasters under drinkware.

  • For serving dishes and hot food containers, place on trivets with protective bottoms and provide a flat, stable surface.

  • Avoid the use of nail polish remover or other harsh solvents by your furniture.

  • For displaying your decorative accessories, place these items on a table runner or cloth made from a non-abrasive fabric. Felt is also a great to use under centerpieces, candle sticks and other table decorations.

  • Objects made from plastic or rubber directly have certain properties which can cause an adverse reaction to the surface finish. These should never be placed directly on the furniture piece.

  • To prevent scratches, always lift and place objects on your furniture.