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Made In America

Walk into any store and pick up a random item off the shelf. Turn it over and look at the label. Chances are the label will say “Made in China,” but it almost certainly won’t say “Made in the USA.”

Since the late 1990s, American manufacturing has been on a steady decline. Many U.S. companies have moved their factories and the jobs they provide to international countries where the labor is cheaper. 

However, there have been signs this trend is starting to reverse itself. Public and private sectors are launching initiatives aimed at restoring American manufacturing jobs. In a recent press release from the Reshoring Initiative, it reports that more than 300 companies have moved production back to the U.S. since 2010, creating about 240,000 new jobs.

At Deuce's Furniture we support the Made in America Movement happening across this great U.S.A. From farmers in rural areas and small town shops on MainStreet, to big-box retail stores and automobile factories. We are dedicated to only sourcing from American furniture manufacturers. We want our customers to see that "Made in the U.S.A." label on every piece of furniture we sell.

That label not only gives us a sense of pride, but goods made in America bring many benefits:

  • Keeps jobs at home and our dollars within our borders

  • Quality craftsmanship by furniture makers that spend their lives perfecting skills

  • Manufactured in "humane" working conditions that do not include using child labor

  • Adherence to strict environmental guidelines - no dumping toxic chemical

  • Reducing the carbon footprint using wood from nearby sustainable forests -- lower transportation costs and less impact on the overall environment.

American made furniture often comes with lifetime guarantees. It also comes with high quality service. And when you build furniture with that quality in mind, the product produced is naturally better.

If you have a question about the product, we can provide the answer. If you have a problem with your furniture, we can offer an immediate solution.